Gofor provides drones on demand. Using our mobile app, you can task a drone to complete a variety of helpful tasks. "Uber, for drones".

Gofor for iPhone

Drones are summoned much like taxis in other popular service apps. Your desired task is either noted at the outset using presets, or customized using voice commands. Once the drone arrives, your phone's flashlight is used to pair your device with the drone. From there, it depends on the task, the object-based UI is very easy to understand. 

Gofor for iOS7

Gofor for iOS7

How It Works


Users of apps like Uber or Lyft will be familiar with the map-based dispatch interface. Drones in the vicinity appear over the map, and an approximate ETA is shown depending on the requested task. 

Drones can be requested to perform one of five preset task assignments. From location scouting to home security, Gofor adds an entirely new layer of service to the consumer drone market. 

Object Tracking UI

People. drones, places and audio tags

People. drones, places and audio tags

One of the features that sets Gofor apart is an object-tagged heads-up-display, which allows users to interact with certain objects during a Gofor flight. People, places, drones, and audio all show up as tags over the live video feed, and can be clicked to call up more detailed information. 

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Gofor for iPad

The Gofor mobile app is also optimized for the iPad. Priority is placed on the live feed video, which displays for every Gofor flight. In addition to providing task status, you can also interact with select object tags during flight. For example, if a place tag appears, clicking it will bring up information from Google Places, Foursquare, and OpenTable. More integrations pending. 


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